08 February 2011

three small words

I got inspired today, after a pretty vapid and uninspiring day, by some stories I read from a link I got from Life is Good.
I love their clothes because they're really cute and comfortable, but they also inspire a lot of people and a lot of heartwarming stories. They are all inspiring in their own way, and here are some I found:
One of the stories they have posted on their website is about a girl who has a terminal illness that affects the mitochondria in her cells, making it difficult to even carry out every day activities. She is 16, like me. She lives a lot of her life in the hospital, with teams of doctors looking after her. But the doctors don't comment on how sad she is - they remark on how happy and positive she is. Probably more so than all of us. She wears all sorts of Life is Good shirts and has a LIG sticker on her laptop.
She will not live as long as many of us will. She won't get to have the opportunities we will have. And while many of us have more things than anyone needs, we worry and complain about small things. This girl doesn't even complain about big things.
Another story was about a woman who had lost her two brothers to very tragic incidents. She had two young children to raise. How was she going to carry on with her life when not one, but two of her brothers had died very horrible deaths?
It took a small gift from a friend - a Life is Good mug - to turn the situation around. She kept repeating the slogan in her mind, and it helped her to cope. She learned to stand up and not become defeated. Just by three small words.
These three small words have inspired thousands. Let them inspire you. Let their true meaning soak into your soul and feel what it really means. After all, life is good. You were born into a beautiful planet and given air, nourishment, warmth, and love. And while everything may not go as hoped or planned, life is still pretty darn good. There really isn't a lot of things we can say we don't have that we really need. Sure, we may all want some extra dough to fill out our wallets, but every day we wake up, we get to see our friends, we get to enjoy all the things the world has to offer. So instead of focusing on the wrong, let's find the right.
Life is good. It really is.

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