14 February 2011

odd duck

I hope everyone had a happy and not-lonely Valentine's day! I actually had a pretty great day. I didn't fail the AP lang quizzes that everyone always fails, I got a perfect score on my AP lang essay, and I got a B on a quiz I didn't really study for. Life is pretty good.
Of course, as yo know, today is Valentine's day, and I go to a pretty normal high school. Let's just say you can sum up the day in three words: candy, roses, and prom. Yes, prom. I found out later than the average Joe that prom was in March (?) this year. And today is the day of all days to be asked to prom, which of course happened. Just not to me.
I felt pretty discouraged, not really because I wanted to go to the prom, but because 1, I found this really amazing dress while flipping through Seventeen, and 2, because my friends got asked and I didn't. It's the typical odd duck out story. Everyone gets asked to prom by someone who can cook (and happens to bake them some sort of food that says "Prom?" on it), and they share their treats with me. And I listen to the stories. The usual. No biggie.
Really, I never care about this foolishness. But it's hard not to when everything you hear revolves around prom.
I can envision the night now: reruns of shows from the early 2000s, perhaps an America's Next Top Model cycle will be on, I might play a game of Yahtzee with myself, and I might make myself a milkshake and eat some popcorn. That is the life.
But after I got over my slight jealousy and hopelessness, I walked outside to go to history. And the weather was so great I almost cried. Actually, I didn't. But anyways, it was so great that I realized nothing as small as being asked or not being asked to a prom should be the deciding factor in how good my day is. After all, the city we live in is not even on most state maps. And since our school does not occupy the entire town, it has to be smaller than the town, meaning that anything that goes on in the school is not very pertinent to the world at large. I would rather have accomplished something great than be asked to a prom. Both would be nice.
And another reason I still have hope is because there are so many other people who have much worse lives than mine and they are much more optimistic than me. Some people don't get to go to school. Some people don't even get 3 meals a day.
So really, whether I spend prom night at the prom or at my house, it will still be a great night. Remember that you don't need other people to tell you to have fun. Go make your own. You are the pilot of your life. You get to make it what you want to. Sha-pow.
G'night y'all.

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  1. Meggie~ I still have hope that you'll be asked to prom. You're the best kid and I would love it for you if you could go, too. I didn't get asked as a Junior so didn't go but did go as a Senior....hope prevails.
    luv,mom xoxo