28 February 2011

mes pensées du mois

I will apologize in advance for my lame bloggage. You see, I went to a swim team banquet tonight which really was a waste of time since I keep getting screwed over when it comes to these things. I also have to cram for an anatomy test and a math test, and I'm pretty sure failing grades will soon result. In addition I have a history project and a modern poetry test on Wednesday.
So I will go quickly through my monthly purging of the valuable, the trivial, and the mediocre in my vault of blog. So here goes:

enjoy the ride, 3 February
Sometimes you just have to sit back and relax. Of course, not all the time, like in this semi-psychotic mode I am in now. But other times, when you are frazzled, calm yourself and settle.

the anonymous mail carrier of happiness, 9 February
I'm a sucker for really cute and sweet things like these anonymous notes all over our school. It really takes a nice person to do that, and whether it was to fill a service hour requirement or just to make someone smile, it really hit home. I encourage you to do something like it.

mission: bring home the bots, 16 February
I mean, what an inspirational ending to the day. The bots were lost, but with teamwork and hope, we brought them back. And my mom went to Target and bought another bot folder. The bots have backup.

the psychology of happy, 17 February
It's interesting to see what other people think is happy. Some people might think a mansion and money is happiness. And some think family and food is. But it's great to see that we all think of the same simple word in a bunch of ways.

learn to love the life you live, 21 February
Really, this one explains itself. We often don't realize, me included, that the lives we lead are ridiculously amazing compared to others. And we don't know because we have never seen, or had to see, any of the horrors of the world. We have access to them through the news, Twitter, Facebook, and the works, but we can turn our heads and avoid them. We have a privilege that many don't in this way.

the [sitting] ovation, 22 February
A little narcissistic, but I really got a kick out of this. I mean, who doesn't want to be praised for their good deeds? I a little recognition goes a very long way, especially for us workers in the dust.

a little love to go around, 25 February
Amidst conflict, I'm glad that at least I can find happiness and love and compassion in my community. This goes along with the learn to live the life you lead post, because a lot of people would not be able to find people like these where they live.

In an effort to reduce my sleep deprivation, the list has gotten shorter. And my bloggage quality has decreased. Perhaps I'm getting more boring. But I thank you for your loyalty.
And in going through these old posts and thinking about them, tomorrow doesn't seem so dismal.

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