23 February 2011

veni, vidi, vici

I'm running out of brain cells because I'm really beyond tired, but I'll share with you a triumph from today.
Yesterday, before my sitting ovation, I had a French problème, which you can obviously tell is French for problem. Go French!
So anyways, it was a giant misunderstanding about a due date and everyone in our class had the same problem. This is just a really confusing story, so bottom line, my teacher didn't make it clear when this was due, and so she gave us grades based on whatever we had done. Which for me, was 40%. Big problem.

When problems like this happen, it is time to put on your big girl shoes and take charge. So I did. I sent a pretty good email (all decked out with a "dear __," a "sincerely," and I even spell-checked it - twice) to my teacher explaining our predicament and then strengthening my point with a little bit of rhetoric.
Then you know what happened? She thought it over and she's letting us finish what we didn't finish and then we can erase the horrible grades from our lives forever.
So you see, when someone does something you don't like (and it is within reason to negotiate), you don't just have to take it. In fact, take charge. Because I feel like no one else would have if I hadn't, and also because if you really care about something, don't let anything ruin it.
I named this post after my favorite perfect tricolon. It's not my favorite perfect tricolon because there are not many perfect tricolons, but because Shakespeare wrote my favorite play about the man that said it, and because it is so simple, yet effective. I came, I saw, I conquered. In this case, I saw my disgusting grade and freaked out, I saw the possibility of change, and - well, I conquered.
Find things that you can conquer in your life. Be the Caesar of your own Rome.

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