25 February 2011

a little love to go around

It's hard to think on the bright side of things when a lot of the time there are bad things going on. The first 10 stories on my CNN app are about Libya and the government. The next few are about court cases in the country and about the strikes in Wisconsin. Today in history we spent the class talking about the horrors of the meat packing industry of the early 1900s.
It seems sometimes that we have taken the human out of humanity. There is so much that goes wrong that there is barely anything that goes right.
But I was proven wrong today. There is plenty of humanity where it is needed most - in our society's young people, the people of the next generation.
Last night I was up late studying for anatomy because I not only had a quiz to study for but a practical, and I had to know 30 arteries, veins, or other parts of the heart. There was no way I could study for all of it.
So that day, when my teacher had taken one person out in the hall at a time to do the practical with the heart model, my friend in the class went through the list of things and helped me learn all of them. Even thought he had already done it yesterday and he could have been studying for the quiz, he helped me so I could get a good grade on the practical - and I did (I got a 100! I was a little shocked, actually).
And later today, when I was in French, we were getting ready to watch a movie. So my teacher was setting p the audio and she played a clip, unbeknownst to all of us, of a kid asking this girl in our class to prom. And then he walked in with a big thing of flowers - roses, nonetheless, and gave her this giant hug. And everyone in the hallway was clapping. Of course, it wasn't me. But later my French teacher explained that he had stayed later after school working with my teacher to get the audio recording right and practice what he was going to do. And it was the most wonderfully thoughtful thing ever. He didn't have to do that, he could have just said, "hey, let's go to the prom together".
And finally, after French, me and my friend were walking outside to our last class and this girl who looked like she was a freshman accidentally dropped her folder and the wind took about 50 papers flying through the air all around the whole practice field. And it seemed like none of them would be retrieved. But me and my friend started getting some of them, and then about 30 other people joined in. Everyone was getting down to pick up her papers and run to catch them in the wind. And one kid even said to her, "I'm so sorry this happened!" And he really meant it. The kid that falls asleep everyday in one of my classes turned out to be a really nice person.
My school gives me hope for our future. I know that in the hands of these people, we will really have a wonderful and happy society. This sounds a little naive and ridiculous. But don't lose hope that people can be caring and thoughtful. Because it's easy to find them all over if you look.

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