26 February 2011


Today was a great day, but nothing really monumental happened. Actually, one great thing did happen: my sister got a Gordy Howe hat trick in her hockey game this morning. If you don't know hockey, a hat trick is typically when a player gets 3 goals in one game. But a Gordy Howe hat trick, named after the player, is when you get an assist (you passed the puck to someone who got the goal), a goal, and a fight (but a penalty counts too). So my sister got all three and this was also her first goal ever! She usually plays defense, but she banged that puck into the net. I wished I had seen it. And to celebrate, she was going to get a character cookie (a calorie-loaded cookie sandwich with frosting on top and in the middle), but they were out. Now we have a giant chocolate cake instead.
So after that, I really didn't do anything today. I read a little anatomy, learned about blood which I should have read a long time ago, went outside, got a few new apps and sent some virtual flower bouquets, and watched the Incredibles, which is a really incredible movie. Pixar can never go wrong. Sometimes I feel like I will go to school and do something like biology but then go a completely different direction and work for Pixar. When I'm not traveling abroad taking pictures as a National Geographic photographer.
Our society could not be more focused on getting things done. Kids of this age cannot even go down the street in the car without bringing some sort of electronic product that starts with i and ends with pad, pod, touch, or phone. But it's important that we take a break and do nothing. I mean, even though I did do homework, it wasn't a lot. And there was no real focus to the day. It was a day to regain the energy that will hopeful get me through next week in one piece.
We need breather days so we can catch our breaths and get ready for the next race. So don't beat yourself up for that nap, that TV episode, or that walk outside. In fact, cherish it.
Experiment with the art of nothing. Indulge yourself a little - in nothing.

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