17 March 2011

conformity and mother teresa

Happy Thursday! It's almost Friday (Friday!) [I bet Rebecca Black is excited].
Today was a really great day because we had to write essays in AP lang and mine was killer awesome. Like frame worthy. It was on a topic I love and know all too well . . .
What is better than spending 40 minutes writing about conformity? Nothing! That's what! So it was about this quote on whether or not people conform instead of listening to the facts, like when Galileo presented his ideas that were correct according to science. But society didn't want to believe it. That kind of stuff. So I had some great examples - 4 - and it was so great. A literary, 2 historical, and a current event. If my teacher doesn't love me after this one I'm going to cry. I probably will.

After I did that, we went to anatomy which is just always a great time, and then in French I was complimented for my creative and ostentatious sentence when we presented them. I even got a mini ovation. Talk about a win.
But aside from that, my grandparents, avid readers of this ongoing web novel, came to visit! And we had lasagna for dinner. The world cannot get any better!
But instead of going on about how wonderful my life is right now, I'll share with you this great quote my mom emailed me. I love quotes. They're great. So here goes:
"If you judge people you have no time to love them."
~ Mother Teresa
What a person. What a quote.
Judging people is something we naturally do. Even when we aren't thinking about it. When we walk down the street and see people, our minds are subconsciously making little notes about these people - how they walk, what their hair looks like, what their face says, what they are wearing. And we fit them into categories. This is not necessarily bad, until it inhibits our talking to them because we feel we cannot be friends with them for a certain reason that may or may not be true.
Or, we will see the actions of someone as a weakness. Like if they didn't do their homework or they never seem to show up to school, we will judge them and wonder why. And we never know the circumstances.
This is something I try not to do. It's something that is ingrained in our minds to do, but we never really think about.
So there is your Thursday wisdom for the day. May Mother Teresa's wisdom empower you to be a better version of yourself.

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