28 March 2011

laugh a little

Howdy my friends! Glad to see you all here reading this fine blog here. I think a common source of unhappiness is stress. Let's face it - we aren't at our best when we're stressed (yay rhymes!). And I think that most people are stressed to certain degrees - some all the time, some not so much. What I saw after swim team made me laugh. Actually, I didn't see it; my mom did. It was on a sign at a church. Here's the first part: If you don't have the bread of life, and the second part: then you're toast. What a cute little paraprosdoikian! I have to say that because I'm really pathetic. But it was just a carefree and fun way to make the world seem fun. It lightened the mood. And what was even funnier was that these two people were making out at the gas station while my mom was getting gas. Fun times . . We all need a little laugh. We all need a reason to smile. We all break down and cry when things get tough. But we have to remember to pull ourselves out of the hole and remember what is good about life. We can't always be stoical and straightforward. If no one was silly or ridiculous sometimes, life would be boring. Have a joke or two and don't forget that there is more to life than finishing all your homework.

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