27 March 2011

kindergarten smiles

Last night after I wrote that post I read through all of my old Oxford blogs. A lot of them made me laugh and most of them made me smile. I'm so glad I kept such a close record of my adventures because now I won't ever forget a detail. I just downloaded Pandora for iPad today because I had been hearing great things about it the whole time. And it was free, so why not. So I was testing if music would still play when you quit the app, so I went on my CNN app. And I read this article about Japan. But it wasn't about the death toll or the number of people missing. It was about the people of a certain town who were uplifted by some kindergartners. In this town, there was a class of kindergarten students who just graduated, even though the whole country was destroyed by multiple disasters. And the people at the graduation said that when they sang their song about holding the country together, it made them cry. People said that they felt happy seeing their smiles and that they felt better. Could one group of little kids do that if we were in such a calamity? Could we be uplifted by the simplest of things? If ever a thing like that would happen, I hope we could have the same dignity and tranquility that they have. I want to believe we can become one under times of stress.

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