30 March 2011

hello, how may I help you?

Hello my friends. Yet another anguishing and mentally exhausting day. And thus, my blog will be short. I hope that during spring break I will be able to deliver more exciting things that you actually want to read. I actually just found an article - you know me and articles - and it was called the 10 Happiest Careers in America. People in these jobs said that their work made them happy because it was interesting and engaging to them, and that they had good relationships with their boss and coworkers. But also, they often had control over what they could do, keeping their options open. The 10th career on the list is biotechnology, which I think is really cool. Biotechnicians (?) say that their coworkers are really important to their job. Next is customer service. I was weary of this one, because who really wants to sit there and say, "Hello, Office of Blah Blah Blah, this is Megan, how may I help you?" forty thousand times a day? Nonetheless, the monotonous phone-answerers say that they like to help people and that they have control over their work. The comes education. We never give educators enough credit. They do a lot of work and they get underpaid. It's not a good system. But anyway, they love their jobs, especially since they're teaching young people - perhaps even old people - about a subject they love. They said that they loved that they work with people - especially children. After are clerical workers. You know, the people who are the assistants to the other people in offices? Apparently they love their jobs. Last was "purchasing procurement", whatever that is. Some more: accounting (kill me with a pitchfork), finance (even worse), non-profit social services, healthcare, and law. But to me, I think the best job would be something unconventional, like outside, where you get to travel and help people. And incorporate art. But some days I want to be a scientist, other days a humanitarian worker, and sometimes a circus performer. So really, if you are happy with your job, even if you're a garbage man, it's ok. Do what you like. Like what you do. That's a Life is Good quote.

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