21 March 2011

the guide to happiness, part 2

Welcome back to my 2-part special, appropriately titled "the Guide to Happiness". It is basically comprehensive.
I'm going to focus on a great little article I found from ehow.com in the health section. It's a how-to article about becoming happy - instantly. Here is what they had to say.

Your facial happy-tude
The first thing people see is your looks, not what you are thinking. So if you look sad, people will notice. But sometimes, when we are happy, we will even look cold and aloof. Train yourself to portray something more warm and inviting on your face - and people will be willing to talk to you.

Take that down
Every once in a while, when you feel a strong emotion - good or bad - write that down and try to reflect on why you feel that way. If you are sad, think of things you like that can bust your negative feeling. If you are happy, remember it and appreciate the good time.

Laugh it up
This is some of the best advice ever. I absolutely love to laugh all the time and make the most absurd, ridiculous and stupidly-funny jokes ever. Me and my sister have tons of them. And that's why people perceive me as happy a lot of the time. And sometimes I even go overboard and look like a freak in public. But I'd rather die laughing than stoic. Bu that's just me.
I actually talked ot someone today that said laughing is really bad for you because you can get bad wrinkles from it. Then this other kid said, "where'd you see that, Spongebob?" which just further induced laughing. because there's this episode when Squidward told Spongebob that laughing was bad and that you could break your laugh box and never laugh again just so Spongebob would stop laughing.
But really, when I have a bad day, I will take my iPod and watch something funny and I'll just laugh my butt off. Or I'll go on YouTube and watch stupid videos and it always makes things better. Like the Friday Parody. That's gold.
Also, listening to inspirational music is very soothing and happy too. Sometimes listening to music makes everything better, and I don't know why. But I love it.

Here's another thing that goes with the first thing I said: often, you see yourself in one way, and others see you differently. Try asking people what they first thought of you when they met you. It will be interesting to see what they say. In ninth grade one of my friends said she thought I was a preppy kid and that I was a cheerleader. Two things that would never happen.
But it's funny to see what people think.

So here is the end of the two part series. Perhaps a surprise 3rd part will come tomorrow. But you never know. In the meantime, be happy!

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