16 March 2011

an ode to big mac

Hello everyone. Today I will dedicate a post to one of my good friends, Big Mac.
He's a tree from my backyard. That sounds like the corniest thing I've ever said, but I will miss that tree.
The Paul Bunyans came to take him away because he was dead and it was hazardous to people walking around back there because if he fell, people could get crushed and die, and if it was someone who wasn't us, that would be a little bit of a liability problem, and law suits would probably follow. So the dying tree had to go.
My mom told me this a year ago, and I don't think I had ever cried harder in my entire life. It was so bad that my eyes were bloodshot and the skin around my eyes was all wrinkled. But I'm over that now.
Today was the actually death of Big Mac. I don't know why we called him that, we just did. My sister made it up. And it's not because we are affiliated with or enjoy McDonalds. At all. Especially me.
Watching those men butcher the tree that brought so many memories and so many happy days was really the most depressing thing ever. It was almost like losing a pet.
We would go outside on that tree when we had a swing on it and we would train on it, make up routines, and stay out there for hours playing on it. Big Mac brought us more joy than we could have ever had by ourselves. And plus it brought us closer to nature, which is great because first, nature's cool, and second, because that's what a Transcendentalist would say.
So the moral here is that things don't stick around for a while. So enjoy them while they are there. Like flowers. And warm weather. And the circus. Go smell those flowers, enjoy that warm weather, and go see that circus.
Au revoir, Big Mac. You will be missed.
By the way, when I was typing "you will be missed", it reminded me of something my math teacher would say when the bell rang: "you will be missed, never dissed, and now you are, dismissed."

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