10 March 2011

good days warrant celebrations

Less than 30 posts away from the Big Kahuna (100th post), as my history teacher says about the day of the dreaded AP exam in May. That would be funny if there were 2 Big Kahunas on 1 day. But there won't be.
For some reason, every morning, I only ever hear when my mother wakes me up at 7:20. She does it earlier than that, but I never hear it. Maybe I'm still in REM. Perhaps. Or maybe I do hear her but I have no recollection of it. So then I drift in and out of consciousness until 7:40, which is bad because school starts at 8:30. And I have to eat breakfast and stuff and it take time to drive to school. 15 minutes is the new get-ready-for-school regiment.
But this morning I was really mad. I guess I just didn't want to be at school really late, I had wanted to be there early. But I didn't have enough time because I woke up really late. It seemed like the end of everything. Now that I think about it, it really doesn't matter. I got to school on time, but I was really mad. Sometimes we get really made about stuff for no real good reason, and we yell and cry and act like babies. When I think about it now, it sounds so insignificant. But yeah. I flipped out for nothing. And sometimes I do that. I actually do that a lot.
But today was actually a good day. I decided that I don't like math, which was already established, and that I do like poems. I didn't used to like them, but now I do. Yay for poems! And I decided I am tired of anatomy, but I'm not tired of history. It's complicated.
But in anatomy I got a special moment of fame when my teacher asked us if a pencil in a cup of water was bent. It wasn't. The light was traveling at a high speed when it went into the cup, and it refracted when it changed media. So my teacher commended me on my job well done, and he said no one else said that. I just won myself some more points with my anatomy teacher. Win!
The my history teacher nominated me for a special summer program for special people who want to learn about the government and simulate a government experience as a senator. Double win! Talk about chalking up some points on the self-esteem scale. It made me feel super happy. So I started thinking about going because it's also free, but I'm not sure. It conflicts with the date of the Habitat for Humanity Senegal trip. Me and my dad might potentially, but probably not, go.
Either way, it was a great day. Most people dwell on the bad days of their lives, often prolonging their misery into another day. And the good days often go by too fast. Instead, cherish the good days, and forget about the bad ones.
Time for some random tidbits to conclude:
I think Cherish would make a good name for a girl. I might name my kid Cherish. But the problem is I'm not having kids.
Antidisestablishmentarianism, a 12 syllable word that is very long, means, quoted from dictionary.com, opposition to the withdrawal of state support or recognition from an established church, especially the Anglican Church in 19th-century England.
I bet you'll be saying that every day now.

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