09 March 2011

you better consult your gelotologist about that

I am utterly tired of everything in my life.
Every morning I wake up and I eat the same thing for breakfast - 2 pieces of toast, lightly margarined, cinnamon-suagr on top. I go upstairs and I put on the same clothes. I brush my teeth with the same brush and I pack my backpack with the same things I always put in there. Then I grab my things and I go to the same classes I go to everyday at the same school I've gone to for 3 years.
Then at school I see the same people I always see, nothing but idle conversation transpires, and I continue the say in a monotonous way, living out my duties to society. Then when the merry day is complete, I march to the same bus and ride the same route all the way back to the house I came from that same morning.
It sounds a little selfish, but I am pretty bored. And on top of boredom, alienation, and stress that comes with the daily lives of us schoolfolk, we are choosing classes for next year, and I am utterly torn between taking AP European History or AP Art History. It's rough because I want to take both of them, and I would love both of them a lot.
I guess my AP lang teacher is right: "everyone is a victim of society."
And plus I have a big group project in history (and you and I know that group projects are almost as bad, if not worse, than math itself). And I'm working with some other Type A control freaks, so it's going to be a catastrophe. Looking forward to it.
I'm not being very efficient in school because I'm bored and tired and everything is just a disaster.
And there are few things that can cure a hopelessness engrained in our hearts. And that's geloto.
You don't know what that is unless you are a gelotologist or you are a freak.
It's laughter.
I think laughing is really great because it is one of the only things that can make people feel happy after being sad. The other one is music. Those two thigns are the best things in the world. And the best part is that laughter doesn't have to make sense. It just is. You just laugh and the world seems at peace.
One time I was upset about failing a quiz. So during fourth period, when we have nothing to do because it's yearbook, we go on the computers and we just tell stories and laugh. We laugh so hard that it hurts, and you know that you're having a good time when that happens.
So find something really hysterically funny and I guaruntee you will feel better. I'm going to go find something funny avant de me coucher. Remember: those are the gelotologist's orders!

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