25 March 2011

thank you and come again

We're almost at the big triple digit blog! I've got some fun planned for that one (I really don't.)!
Today was a milestone, a monumental and life-changing day. And this is why: first, we had a math packet that didn't have any numbers on it. It was a packet of simple words and questions like "write an unbiased question for this survey." Was it a dream?
And then this is where the craziness occurs - in AP lang, my teacher read my essay out loud - the whole entire thing - to the class. The whole thing. The whole class. Woah. The pride in that room was ridiculous. I even used fancy words like abysmal and horrendous. And when he read it I was like I wrote this? Woah. It was some epic surrealness.
I really needed that confidence booster and I was pretty happy when he said "Wow, that's some nice anaphora and parallel structure there." And then at the end he said "This girl really knows a lot of things about a lot of topics." I was overflowing with glee.
And then when he said that I wrote it, everyone was like "Oh my God." It was absolutely the most epic moment of this year. Thus far.
It feels good to be appreciated. So make sure you appreciate other people and let them know. Because it can really hit home with us sentimentals.
And I finished off the night with round 2 of Hairspray at my school. It's even better the second time.

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