24 March 2011

ha ha

Oh, man. My sides still hurt from laughing so much. You see, my mom ordered some pictures from Shutterfly and they just came. And she didn't just order the posey-posey ones where we all looked modelesque - I got a great sampling of how ridiculous I can look all the time.
There were some ones when I looked pretty great, like when I was about to leave for Oxford and I was in the airport looking tan and what not. But then there was the one when I looked sort of fat at the swim team party and my hair was wet so I looked like I was bald - nothing that deviates from the norm. Then there was one where we are in the pumpkin patch and I wanted to be all creative with our Christmas card so I told my parents to take pictures while we were jumping in the air on a log. And I looked really ridiculous in the one where I was in the air and when I was getting ready to jump and the timing was off. Man, I laughed so hard that I couldn't even breathe and then I had to stop because I was going to barf.
Apparently laughing evolved from panting. So really we are just panting for fun, I guess. But laughing is so much fun. Who doesn't enjoy belting out random vocal spasming noises uncontrollably? I know I do.
Those pictures made me laugh so hard. And sometimes when you have a bad day - not that I had a bad day - laughing is really one of the only ways to feel better. What I find ironic is that the witty and intellectual jokes we hear are really the least funny of all - sometimes we laugh at them sarcastically because they are so stupid. Like, [chuckle giggle snort], who tells jokes like that? And the things that are the funniest - at least for me - are the stupid, mindless, pointless videos people put on YouTube ("Friday", hint hint), pictures of myself looking ridiculous, and making up inside jokes with friends. I also forgot quoting stpid shows. That's always a knee-slapper.
Why are they funny?
They just are. And laughing is good for you because it releases happy chemicals to your brain. So live well, love much, and laugh every time you aren't breathing.

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