12 March 2011

on the prairie

After a week of cold, we got back the wonderful warm weather from before. It was great. Shorts and tank top. That's the life.

And it's really great because it's a real nice area where I live and there are lots of horses, big fields, and trees. It's a wonderful picture. So I went on a bike ride today with my dad. It was the best bike ride I have ever been on. It wasn't too hot and it wasn't very busy on the roads. And I brought my camera so I could take pictures of this really nice place we went to.

It was so serene and beautiful that I wished it lived there. And technically, I did. Even though it wasn't my house, it was a few hundred feet from my house. And that's pretty great to have something that nice so close to your house.
When you think about it, Japan is so destructed and demolished by the disasters from Friday and I have something so pristine right here that I often don't even notice.
Remember to include Japan in your prayers.
You see, this post was supposed to be amazing because I had some great pictures to show you but the website won't let me upload them, which ruins everything.

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