29 March 2011

the fantasmic ridiculously awesome post

My 90th post! Only 10 days until the Big Kahuna! And unfortunately this milestone doesn't go out with a bang. It's really late actually, and I have been studying extra hard for anatomy because I never took chemistry and half of the unit is chemistry. So I have to learn that (diagrams help a lot) and I couldn't serve my faithful readers who sit with bated breath to hear my words of wisdom. I have no lessons of life for you today. I have no real words of wisdom. All I know is that I want to get a good grade on my anatomy test, and I know that if you work hard, you will do well. And if we want to do well, we have to work hard. So that's precisely what I will do. Also, I would like to publicly announce that I will be going abroad this June to Costa Rica - hooray! - to volunteer at a village school as well as discover the environment. It's going to be more than epic. When I travel abroad, I have a blog called Adventures of a Curious Traveler. I can't blog on both accounts, because that's ridiculous. I can, however, blog my other one and copy/paste it to this blog. It will be the same blogs on both for the days I am there. Don't worry - only 10 days. Those days will be filled with rich, meaningful, and deep thoughts, so brace yourself. It's gonna be good. This post is somewhat paradoxical because I announced my abroad adventure, which is certainly fantasmic, but also it's sarcastic because this post is very vapid. By the way, vapid is my favorite word.

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  1. Meg,
    I was so excited to hear about your trip to Costa Rica! Lots of my friends have been there and loved it. Should be a great experience and will definitely be something totally new and different.
    Can't wait to see you this weekend,
    Aunt Alison