15 March 2011

mommy love

Happy Tuesday, my friends. I hope everyone has had a great day and has made it up to their full potential.
Tomorrow is game day, because we are presenting our history projects. Which makes me seem like more of a nerd than I was before. But the thing is, these two guys in my class compete over whose is better, and so now that one of them is on my team, the other is on my friends' team, it's all out war. And I think we've nailed it. And since one or more of them may be reading this, I can't post any of our plans for tomorrow. Until tomorrow. If you care by then.
So this afternoon my kid brother had a recorder concert at his school, and the show choir was performing as well. It was really quite good. Except my brother was hidden and we couldn't see him at all. We had to walk all the way across the cafeteria to see him, and by then it was almost over. But I liked the last song, and they even did some choreography too. Show choir did some good jazz ones, and they did Lean on Me, which was really nice especially in this time of crisis in Japan. Which they had probably rehearsed before this even happened; it worked well with the circumstances.
Anyway, so I was coming home from swim team and my mom had the radio on. It was on the station with Delilah, and she was taking calls from people. Usually they are very nice people who like to tell long stories that are sometimes touching, sometimes boring. One person was on there for about 10 minutes talking about how she puts up a Christmas tree for Christmas and that they light candles and make cookies. Lady, we all do that. Just sayin'.
But tonight, instead of an adult coming on the phone, it was a 16 year old girl. Delilah said, "Hi, Girl, (I forget the girl's name), what can I do for you?"
And the girl said nothing more than, "I just want to brag about my mom."
And Delilah was pleasantly surprised, as was I. Most 16 year olds are angsty, to say the least to their moms. And we don't mean to be. Some people at school say they don't even talk to their moms. And that's really sad.
The girl went on. She just raved about how great her mom was and that they have the greatest relationship and that they talk together, and go shopping and do other fun things.
And at the very end, she said, "my mom is like my best friend."
And not "like" as in "sort of", I mean "like" as in, "we're teenagers who say "like" and "um" all the time.
If that didn't make you well up with tears and want to go hug your mom to death, I don't know what will. But that just made me so happy. Someone cares so much about their mom that they would call up a radio station and "brag" about her. For everyone to hear. Not only does she love her mom; she tells the world.
We could use a little love. And that girl brought it. That made my day. Actually, the day is over, so it made me happy to start tomorrow.
This would have been a GREAT mother's day post. Oh well. Have to think of new ideas for that one.

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