18 March 2011

a happy volta

It's Friday! Friday! Gotta get down on Friday!
(partyin', partyin' [yeah!])

Ok, now that I've had my fun . .
The most craziest thing happened. I had to say 'most craziest' because it is incredibly crazy. It is the middle of March. But it's not cold, oh no. It's 81 degrees! Shorts and t-shirt all the way! Woo!
I decided today was going to be a fabulous day because I was wearing shorts and the weather was great and I had this great bottle of Arizona iced tea. With lemon flavor.
But then math happened. And it was a fiasco. I got to school late, I couldn't ask my math teacher a question, and I don't like math anyways. So I didn't do anything right on the quiz and I was so depressed. I was late because we had stayed up late because my mom had to take my grandpa to the hospital because of this big giant gash he got on his eye and they had to wait forever in line and it was ridiculous. And my brother got sick this morning, which was a great way to start the day.
Then we read a boring article in AP lang, and in anatomy I didn't get a 100 on a quiz I studied hard for. I also forgot the form that I needed for class registration for next year, so I couldn't even graduate to the next grade. Life might as well have been over.
And then I didn't have a fork in my lunchbox to eat my lunch, so I had to go to the cafeteria to get one, which is far away from my classroom where I eat my lunch. But since the lady was a little mean, I had to show her my pass from my teacher that said "Pass to the cafeteria to get a fork." She thought that was pretty comical. I'm going to save it for a scrapbook or something.

By fifth period I knew the day was already over. And usually that is a pretty draining class. But today it wasn't. It was actually a lot of fun. We were working on the conditional in the past and we had to write down French sentences about animals (??). They were hypothetical questions like "if ants were 3m high, how would our lives change?" and "if we used cows for transportation, how would life be different?"
It was pretty funny because some of the questions were really good. And then we started talking about animals and their personalities, and we all went around saying what animal we would be and why. It was really cool.
And before that, during lunch, I went to the art room with my friend and we worked on prints for her printmaking class. I took that class two years ago, but it was so much fun. And we got to hang out the with laid-back art kids. Gnarly.
And then we went to history which is always usually interesting, and my dad even came to school to sign my form for registration. Then the day was beautiful and we had a great dinner and everything was happy. Except my brother is still sick :(
I decided to early that the day was over. But then I relaxed and let things happen, and the day got better. And it was great. Sometimes when one bad thing happens, it ignites a whole cascade of things that normally wouldn't make us feel so down. Like my anatomy quiz. I got a 93 and I almost was reduced to tears in class. And I got the highest grade in my group. Some things seem so bad, but they really aren't.
And not everything is about seriousness of tests and getting things done. That was the focus of today. But once I saw past that, I realized that there are so many other things that determine happiness besides numbers and scores.
By the way - a volta is a change of tone in a literary piece, like a poem. I like poems.

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