03 March 2011


Sometimes I wish I was incredibly average and boring, much like the Unknown Citizen. But I'm not. So of course this will cost me 16 points on a test that I should have completely aced.
Even though my teacher won't give us points back for questions we missed, he lets us argue them. So I argued a point. And of course I answered the theme that I thought was right. But the only reason his was "right" is because he thinks it's right. And why would one question a doctor?
Well I did because I don't think his answer made any sense. He just said that most scholars believe that this is the correct theme, and so does he, so it must be the correct theme. And any thought I have must be invalid. Because I don't have a doctorial degree.
He said the goal of this class is to create informed citizens. But I think that this is making us into unknown citizens. Informed citizens formulate their own thougths. They don't take other people's thoughts and regurgiate them like robots. I'm the informed citizen here.
But he doen't see my point and of course we moved on and I sat in angst. That's my favorite part about school. It's a cookie cutter. And maybe I have more dough than can fit. So all the good dough spills out of the cookie cutter and goes unnoticed.
School is just a way of making us into little identical cogs in a machine. They don't care for our individuality or our thoughts. When I grown up and become a politician, which will probably never happen, I will reform this corrupt sysem.
Now that I have finished my rant, I'll begin.
That made me mad. I knew that I knew many great things about all of those poems and I had makde my own ideas about them. But his test didn't let me show them. And now it looks like I never studied. My friend didn't even read the poems and she got a higher grade than me.
I decided I needed to escape this ridculous world for a little while, so I did. I took this wonderfully warm bath and I made a chocolate milkshake (arguable the best drink ever) to have while I lounged. But best of all was the Italian symphony music I had playing the background. It's like opera music without the singing. It's from my Elegant Italy Lifescapes CD. It's really just the best. I just sat there, half floating in the water, as my brain muscles relaxed. It was the most peacful and wonderful way to end a day.
I read an article about 20 things moms should not be ashamed of doing. They were all things that would be special things for herself, like getting a manicure or a massage, or taking a nap. We should never feel like we are pressured to do everything all the time. Sometimes you have to just sit and take a load off. Sometimes you have to indulge. And for me that was rihgt now. And now I think I'll indulge in a little sleep. Good night, my friends.

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