26 March 2011

raining on prom night

Right now it's raining really hard and the whole city just lit up with lightning even though it's dark. I don't like thunderstorms.
Today my dad's aunt and uncle came to visit us when they came to visit their son who is my second cousin. He lives here now. So they unfortunately came on a gross day because it was raining and what not and usually it's wicked nice.
But we went to the country club and I got this great quesadilla. Except the waiter probably thought I was a freak because my order went like this: "Can I have the grilled chicken quesadilla without caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, chipotle sauce, or scallions? and can you bring the chips and salsa on the side? Thanks!" What a freak I am sometimes.
But it was really good and after that we came home and did nothing for a while. I felt really lame because today is the day of our prom and I was doing nothing except for sitting in my house playing on my iPad.
But then we went out to one of my favorite restaurants and after that one of my favorite stores - Target! I got a brand new electronic sudoku! Eeep! It's so much fun and it only cost $18.29 without tax. Hours of fun only costs $18.29.
The funny thing is that it's raining on prom night because it's just like the song from Grease. And I felt super lame because I wasn't doing anything, but really I did. I went to Targ (that's my new abbreviation for Target - do you think it'll catch on?), I saw my family, and I went out to eat - twice! I think sometimes we expect too much from days like prom. It's just another way to make a fuss over a certain day. Then we end up expecting too much because it's such a big deal. Some of the best days are the laid-back ones. So make every moment count, and don't get too caught up in the details.
It might rain on prom night, but don't let it rain on your parade.

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