06 March 2011

pullin' a teddy roosevelt

Oh Sunday night. The midnight frenzy to get things done, when just two days ago we were waving our hands, shooing away responsibility. "I've got time." Now look at what time has done to us. It has come. It has snuck up on us. On me.
And now I'm in for a roller coaster of math test corrections (...), poster projects, bloggage, and finishing reading to page 50 in Their Eyes Were Watching God. Perfect. No math corrections done, poster is almost done, bloggage - in the making, and only on page 13. Going to be a fun night.
But I'm excited because tomorrow is AP night, where they talk about AP classes for next year. And you get to see all of your AP nerd friends and talk about how great AP This sounds and how awful AP That seems. I really don't know why I am this excited about it, but I really am. It's just a rollickin' good time.
And I also have this sense of hope, as I sit here and neglect my school work. I feel like I will finish the book (well, to page 50 at least) and the poster as well. I finished my Google design, which I am mighty proud of. But I can't post a picture until after the contest closes. You know, just in case. People are wacky sometimes. But I feel like since I finished the drawing, I can finish these things. I just have a feeling I can.
The reason I named the post after TR is because he is fresh in my mind (our topic in history was on him, Taft, and Wilson). Our poster project is on Progressive Presidents, and so I did a Taft-Roosevelt combo. It turned out lovely. But anyway, tonight I will just have to pull a Teddy. Because when he saw injustice or he wanted a change, it happened. Just like that. He made so many things happen that it's hard to keep track - laws, acts, organizations, pop culture items. So tonight I will make something happen - my stuff will get done.
Thank you TR, for pulling me through. Or at least motivating me to pull through.

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