25 November 2011

black friday 'festivities'

Today is quite an important day for the economy. The single day in America when everyone stands in lines at midnight and shops all night long. It's sort of ridiculous.
And this year, 2 people were shot in San Diego and some freak pepper sprayed people.
And this is a time when we should be saying to ourselves, "what am I doing here? Why am I standing in line at Walmart for 12 hours waiting for a sale?"
Everyone knows that Christmas basically begins today, and the shopping therefore also begins. But do we actually remember the reason we have a holiday on December 25? It's to celebrate the birth of Christ, and while it's a Christian holiday, the world seems to join in the fun. But recently, it's becoming more of an economic booster program and a commercial shopping palooza. Where is the real reason behind Christmas? It's supposed to be about showing people you love a little extra love, not about pepper spraying people so you can get a video game for your kid faster than everyone else.
And what is it that you are buying? I don't know many people who actually had a list of things they intended on buying when they were going bargain hunting. People are just running around like wild beasts searching for a deal. And before you know it, people have tons of things no one wants that will eventually land in a pile behind the customer service desk, waiting to be re-shelved. It's a twisted system, which is why we never go out on Black Friday.
Why not focus on the real meaning of Christmas - giving, generosity, and love - and not on finding the newest toy, appliance, or Apple product on sale. Spread some love this holiday season!

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