26 November 2011

good as new

About a month's worth of blogs left to write, and boy, will it be weird when I don't click on the good old "the quest for happiness" bookmark everynight. It'll be mighty weird. But I decided that I will be working on something that at the moment does not have a name, but soon will. I will use the last week of the year to basically reminisce about this blog and remember the insightful things I might have said along the way, and put the 7 main points of interest into blog topics for the day. And the last day will be the biggest, most special blog I will ever write.
But anyways, that's the plan. Get excited!
So today we went to this new store that opened up next to the best ice cream place around, and in fact, it was the very house that was boarded up a few months ago when my grandparents came to town. My grandpa (who is a painter) sketched the house and made a really amazing painting of it. So it's cool, I have this sort of personal connection to this house. And now it is renovated and re-purposed as a store.
It's just like the store that I used to consign at.
Just like it.
We asked some of the workers at the store about the house. She said that it was built in about 1908, and that it was a farmhouse and at a time, an antique store, just like it is now. But then it became old and worn, and almost dilapidated. But then it was renovated in the past year, and now it's a store for the little residents of Milton.
Isn't that the coolest thing, that this little wooden, one-story house, has been renovated and now it is completely restored? Just think of all the things we could do with old things if we recycled them.

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