27 November 2011

making it to the finish line

I never finish anything.
I always have these really great, larger-than-life ideas. And I get so excited about them at first, but then my excitement dies quickly and I move on to another idea. So I have half finished paintings, stories, projects, and even songs I wrote on the flute stored in various places in my room, in my computer, and stuffed in folders all over the place.
But the problems is school. When I have a school project, I am completely obligated to finish it depsite how daunting or laborious it may seem.
And last week we finished our wire sculptures in art. And it was a nightmare of the project. While it turned out pretty good, I detested the project and it was difficult as well as painful.
When I say "finished", it means that it was due, and I wasn't done with it, and frankly, I was completely done with it. I was totally sick of working on it.
But what's the point of doing something if you're not going to finish it? It seems like I have a ton of things that are almost worthless now because I have not finished them.

But I finished my chameleon wire project; I added the tail and the fourth leg and now Fortinbras is complete. I decided to name him Fortinbras, because he is the last person talking in Hamlet, and this is the last project of the semester.
So I think next year, my resolution will be to finish the things I have started. It will probably be incredibly hard, because there are few thigns i actually finish, but if I finish this blog that will be one thing that will prove myself wrong.

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