03 November 2011

when I was a young'un

Today I was working on my senior ad with my mom. It's something that goes in the back of the yearbook.
And so I wanted to have a picture that also showed what I looked like as a baby. So we looked at dozens upon dozens of pictures form when I was born. This was in the 90s, so it was really funny to see my cousin with a bowl cut type of thing, and to see the wallpaper in some of these houses, and to see the people I have known for so long looking so different from now. I guess people change over a 16 to 17 year period.
It was so cool because in almost all of the pictures, I was smiling. Some babies cry a lot, and some are angels, and some are in between. My brother was a very cheerful kid. I don't remember about my sister, since I was only 3-ish when she was born. I just remember that I was a happy kid. I was never one of those jealous kids when another kid comes into the house; I thought it was cool.
And my parents had like just gotten out of college, and it was so cool because we were all just a really happy, young family. We lived in a small little house outside of Boston, but we had a lot of fun and it was a great little childhood. Well, infancy / toddlerhood. And I had some really nice toys and this swing my dad put in the back yard. It was a blissful, happy-go-lucky time.
And now, it's hectic mayhem, sort of like when your heart beats really fast when you're working out. But that's everyday. So it's cool to see how everything has changed. I never even knew we had all these pictures.
All I can say is, if you have kids (which I will NEVER do), be sure to document it. Be one of those parents that takes 8 million pictures. Because we don't really get those moments back, and they are the most precious of times in a child's life. And given all the new technology coming out in this era, I have a feeling that children will not end up being camera-shy.

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