06 November 2011

no thanks, i've had enough economics for now.

When I go to AP Macro in school for an hour everyday, that's more than enough economics for me for one day.
But when you do it on Saturday and Sunday all day, you discover that you can do more economics than you ever wanted to do in your lifetime. I had my friend over yesterday to do economics for this partner project, and today I had to finish some more of it and some more economics homework that was completely unrelated.
Our project is to create a personal budget based on a certain career, and ours is architecture. So we are architects who just got out of college, and now we have to create a budget for ourselves and factor in thousands of ridiculous little things.
There are like 10 different things you have to pay for just to live everyday. You have to pay for water. Water is free, last time I checked. When did humanity start charging itself for water? Last I heard, it was here on earth for everyone. And we have to pay for heat, and living in a building, and turning on the lights, and all sorts of other things. I never knew life got more expensive when you got out of college. Life shouldn't have a price tag!
But anyways, I got to see how literally every breath you take, every time you use a tissue or go to the bathroom or eat some pasta, it costs money. And it's not like on Sims or Zoo Tycoon, where you can selected the unlimited cash option and buy as many trees as you want, and have thousands of outfits and animals. It's just not like that in life.
When my dad said to enjoy childhood, he wasn't joking. Adulthood seems scary and expensive. I wish I had appreciated all those fun things in childhood and that I had realized how not hard life was. Because the road ahead will be one filled with math (budgets..) and cheap boxes of pasta..

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