20 November 2011

making memories, part 2

So, I'm not usually good about making up posts that I couldn't do the day before, but I did yesterday's tonight, so have a look! Yesterday was so fun, I can't even touch upon all the fun we had in just one blog post.
The cool thing is, none of the people on the team are necessarily my bets friends forever. They are just a group of teens who swim. Some are good (one just signed with University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill) and some just started swimming. Some are old, some are young. Some of these people are good friends, and one of my best friends was on the team, but quit. And with new people coming every year, we are all strangers to each other.
But the best part is that we can bond not over just swimming, but at meals, in the hotel, on the bus, in the grass patch (a reference to the other post), and at swim team pizza parties.

You'd be surprised with the variety you can get in a group of people, and how bonding for 20 straight hours can really make you into good friends.

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