15 November 2011


For some reason, people think that getting things will help to increase happiness levels. I apologize for sounding technical and using words like "increasing" "decreasing" and "levels", because I just did a ton of AP Macro homework.
For example: If I get a dog my life will be happier. If I get a new wardrobe my life will be so much better. If I get the newest model of this BMW I will be the coolest cat in town and I will surely be happier.
But thinking about everyday, we don't normally get things everyday. We usually just do our daily routine. Which consists of mainly mundane things.
And when I think of the times I was happiest, it was definitely on holidays like Halloween, the Fourth of July, Easter, and Christmas (not because of getting presents, but because they are fun holidays to spend with family), when the seasons change (that's definitely the best - when it gets hot for summer, when the leaves turn colors in the fall, when the snow starts falling, when the weather gets warm again..), in school with my friends and going out to eat with my friends, swim meets (definitely a great, great time with tons of people I love), the summer vacation (especially in Nahant with the family and the beach), commiserating over school assignments with friends, and meeting up with family members from a while ago. That was the longest sentence ever.
But I wasn't happy because I had a ton of material items; I was happy because I was spending time with people that I love, doing things together.
And that's what happiness is all about - the memories of the mundane that always give you something to smile or cry or laugh about.
Wealth comes in the friends you have and the family that has been with you forever. And while you didn't buy them, they are the best things life has to offer.

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