16 November 2011

when disaster strikes

So today I had a blog all planned out. I had a swim meet today, and I was either going to write about how winning is really great because it makes me happy and boosts my confidence levels, or about how winning isn't the only goal in life and it's just about having fun and doing your best.
But now I can't write about those things because I didn't have a meet today. It was canceled because of the tornado warning.
So here's how it all went down.
We were in lunch, but all the art kids stay in the art room and a few of my friends and some other people come and we all eat lunch in there. And then we work while everyone else talks. And so we were wiring away when this announcement came on and it said "we are now under a tornado watch" and we all just sat there and kept working and eating. But then our teacher came in and said we had to go out in the hallway as a safety measure.
So we went out in the hallway, and we ended up staying there for an hour. On the floor in the hallway with about 100 other kids from the hallway. And I had to leave for this swim meet at 2:15. And the time kept on passing by - 1:38. 1:42. 1:54. 2:02. And that's when they said we weren't leaving until 2:30.
A small panic attack ensued at this moment. My coach would blow up if I missed the meet. But then again, we were all going to, so it was OK. And then at 2:20, they said we could all leave and go to 6th period, or for me the swim meet. So I met my mom and she gave me my swim bag, and then we went to the coaches room. But then some kid said, "Oh yeah, the meet's canceled". And so it was. My mom had to come back with my backpack and it was a disaster. And then we waited a while and took the team picture and went back to class at 3:15. So no one went to the meet and no one got in trouble. It was a whirlwind day. Especially since it was canceled due to a tornado.

But it reminded me that people generally don't make plan Bs. Most people just assume plan A will work, and the possibility of error does not enter our minds.
But the weather is something we are all dependent on, no matter how much money you have or how smart you are. It's a unifying factor of humanity, and sometimes we forget that. Nothing you ever plan is 100% going to happen, and I think we need to remember how depsite the fact that we are all very influential, when it comes to us versus the earth, we are pretty powerless.

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