02 November 2011

field trip to the dentist

I went begrudgingly to the dentist today. After completely forgetting and sitting on the bus until it almost left, I remembered that I had to go there, and I completely was not looking forward to the dentist. Especially since they said I might need gum surgery and I will probably need to get my wisdom teeth out now and I need some sealants. I always have more problems coming back from the dentist than I ever do when I go there. I thought we were down with all of this after 2 rounds of braces. But apparently not.
So after I walked into the office and a happy nurse told me to come back so her "friends" could "take a look" at my teeth, I saw this girl from school. First of all, I was at the children's dentist office, and they were playing Cars 2, and I was like the oldest person there, and there was a girl from school there. Working there. Just as an intern though, she wasn't like going to college and high school at once. Second of all, why would I venture all the way out to the dentist so they could just look at my teeth? Would I then go back the next day so that they could touch them? Sometimes I just don't understand these happy dentist people. he second they put some contraption in your mouth, they start talking to you, and asking you questions that can't be answered with 'yes' or 'no', like "What kind of pet do you have?" Saying "cat" isn't so bad, but when we had our guinea pig, I doubt they actually knew what a muffled "huh heuh huuh" meant.
So I was sitting in the dentist chair with this girl from school, who sort of greets people who come it, when the nurse said "honey, pick out your favorite toothbrush!" Highly humiliating. I'm already the only 17 year old in the children's dentist.
The only reason I know this girl is because she is one of those perfect, nice, smart, popular people that everyone knows and likes. But I didn't know that she knew me. So we were talking about things for the 10 minutes before anyone does anything to you, and surprise surprise, it was about college. But it was ok, I don't mind talking about it all that much. And I assumed she was just going to apply to an in-state school and be a cheerleader there, like she is now. But she is applying to a bunch of other places too, like Georgia Tech, and she's taking the same type of classes as me. And later, she said she wants to go to law school to be a lawyer. Well obviously she would want to go to law school to be a lawyer.
It was just one of those "oh, I never thought that she would be like that" sort of moments. That's what happens when you don't really know someone so well. But it was cool to talk to her and discover that we aren't so different after all, even if we were nothing more than acquaintances in high school. Pretty cool stuff!

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