05 November 2011

pogo sticking

Sometimes you don't need something new to have fun. Sometimes it's looking back at the old stuff that makes you happier.
A few years ago for Christmas I got this pogo stick. I didn't use it right then because it was really cold outside. I planned on using it when the weather got warmer.
But sadly it sat in a corner and collected webs, and I forgot about it. Like so many things in our lives, it was left to the side and I had not looked at it for years.
But today I picked it up again and shook off the spider webs. I tested it out to see if it was still ok (you know, like no rust.) to work.
And it was perfect!
The whole reason I wanted a pogo stick was because I loved using my friends' pogo sticks, and I had wanted it so badly. But once I had it I forgot about it. It was just left behind. But sometimes it just takes a while for people to come around and remember things that they once had - or still have.
So I pogoed for some time in the driveway today, remembering how fun it was and why I fell in love with pogoing in the first place. It's like rereading a book you loved, and falling in love with it again.
When we are down, it's easy to think that something new - new clothes, a new look, a new house, etc. - will change everything for the better. But sometimes all you need to do is look through your house - or your garage - and see what lies within its nooks and crannies.

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