12 November 2011

words, words, words

The more I read Shakespeare, the more I love Shakespeare. And wonderfully enough for me, there is enough Shakespeare in plays, sonnets, and other poems to sustain my passion for some time. I should just major in Shakespearean studies.
So I went Barnes and Nobling (being a teen in the "New Age", I can take the liberty of creating my own neologisms and lingo for things that us teeny-boppers like to do) tonight with my sister. We weren't going to get books for school, or going to the "Teen Readers" section. I went straight to the 2-shelf spread of Shakespeare in the fiction section and my sister went to the veterinary/pet/animal section. Which is also next to the plant section ( I found this hardcover book on the study of mushrooms, and I thought "by Jove, this must be fascinating!"
So needless to say, I left and went back to the little Shakespeare shrine. They have all of the plays lined up so perfectly; it's so perfect it almost hurts. So I bought this large book about Shakespeare's life and about his plays and basically all the information you knew, didn't know, wanted to know, and maybe never even thought about wanting to know about Shakespeare. And then I bought a copy of The Taming of the Shrew, which was written in 1590. It was his second play, after The Two Gentlemen of Verona (I looked this up a while ago). The earliest record of The Taming of the Shrew was on May 2, 1594, in a newspaper in London, but it is believed to have been written earlier than that. It was the first of one of his many popular plays. Sorry, but his first was not his most impactful.
When you think about it, he was as great of a playwright as Einstein was a mathematician and science theorist (I don't really know what he was. I just know this was his general field).
And the best part is, we can read and reread Shakespeare's magical play all the time. Even though that's not even close to what most people would want to do.

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