28 November 2011

spreading good cheer

Officially a month's worth of blog posts left to write.
Today is one of those days that doesn't really stick in your mind because it was just sort of filled with immediate things to do and mundane activities. Not bad, just not memorable.
But we need days that aren't memorable, or else our brains would explode. Or implode.
But today when me and my dad went to the grocery store after school (after we bought some foam at the craft store), I was really incredibly starving, so I bought a bagel at the backery. And the lady was really nice for no reason. Just smiling and happy. And when we checked out, the cashier and the bagger both said that they hoped we'd have a good day and that they were glad that they shopped with us.
It was probably something they say to everyone. But it was just really nice. Just a nice little way to make someone's day a little brighter. Especially because it's storming.

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