30 November 2011

underground shakespeare project

Would you like to know something cool?
Well here it goes.
So today we had a sub in AP Lit. So we were supposed to be doing work, but instead we were all talking about the Hamlet optional projects. And then one kid was remembering this really funny scene in the Mel Gibson version when Hamlet is pushing everyone's heads aside when he's trying to go to see Claudius's reaction to the play. And we were thinking of how hysterical it would be if we did it in the cafeteria and pretended to reenact that part. And then the epiphany..
We decided that as a class, we were going to all do an optional project as a group. We are all going to work on making a 10-minute version of Hamlet, and then since we will all have a part in it, we will all get points!
And it's all a surprise. So on optional project presentation day, we'll tell her that we have a class project and we'll play the reenactment.
So today we started casting people for roles, and tomorrow we will hopefully meet and discuss how we can do this in 2 weeks. I am so excited.

Everyone is so excited to work on it too. It's going to be a fun way to bond and make a fabulous movie about an even more fabulous play. I was so incredibly excited!
While individual victories and achievements are great and very rewarding, sometimes group efforts are the same - and maybe even more rewarding because you are working with different people: different ideas, different perspectives.

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