08 November 2011

sleep tight

Today I got a present.
Would you like to guess what it is?
It's not a live animal or a toy. It's not a balloon or an explosive.
Have you given up?
It's a mattress!
I have had 2 mattresses in my lifetime. One was my crib mattress, and the other was the one that we just replaced. Apparently, which is completely disgusting, mattresses can soak up 3 gallons worth of sweat. EW. And my old one had 14 years worth of sweat in it. Hoorah! And once it gets too saturated, if you will, it doesn't really function. And you are supposed to change the mattress every 8 to 10 years.
But what if you don't have a bed. What if you sleep on the floor? When I was in Washington DC, we saw tons of homeless people getting jackets and blankets and throwing them on the ground to use as beds. Because they didn't have any.
A bed is supposed to be a place for you to decompress and relax and feel cozy and safe. But if you don't have one, it's like you can't ever relax, because you have to be on lookout for bad things. It's so sad to think about it. Food and drink are essential to life, but so is shelter, and beds are shelter.
I'm just really lucky that I get to have this new mattress. Thanks to my mom and dad for getting it for me :) And to the rest of you, consider a mattress replacement soon if you have not..

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