23 November 2011

leaf-throwing and ornaments

Almost a month's worth of blog posts left to write. And then I will have finished this project.
But to take my mind away from something so sad, I want to tell you about something fun I did today.
So for some bizarre reason I woke up at 7:45, ready to bound out of bed for school, but we don't have school because we're on vacation. So then I got up and I had the earliest start to the day ever (on a non-school day).
So I decided to walk around my neighborhood. And then I met my sister walking around too, and we started to take pictures of ourselves looking ridiculous. And then I had this fabulous idea that we should take pictures of throwing leaves in the air - you know, that quintessential leaf-throwing, happy-go-lucky fall picture that requires perfect timing and proper arm positioning to avoid failure pictures. So I got this great picture, and it was so perfect that my sister wanted to try, but unfortunately, it didn't turn out stellar, so we kept trying. And basically we just took all the leaves from someone's yard and threw them all over the place and into the street.
But later, we went to Crate and Barrel (another one of my favorite stores, in addition to Home Depot and Barnes and Noble) and bought Christmas ornaments for our tree and also for our little baby trees in our rooms (well. they will eventually be in our rooms).
And later, to celebrate our stellar performance in AP Macro, me and two of my friends got manicures at the bets place in town, and I got the kind that lasts for over a month, so it will be perfect throughout the swim season. I'm excited!
It was a perfect first day of vacation. And I really really needed this little vacation, even though it will be filled with finishing art projects and starting new ones, but it was fun to just relax and enjoy life.

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