03 August 2011

birthday post

Howdy folksies! Today's my 17th birthday! Which is pretty exciting, because birthdays are always fun. My real birthday present was being able to go to Costa Rica, but my family and friends all gave me money for my birthday which went into the camera fund for my new SLR. But my mom got me some other things too for my birthday: she bought me a Pandora bracelet, one of the ones I really liked (it goes towards cancer research) and some gorgeous charms for it. It's one of my favorite things now because it's so special - I like each of the charms for certain reasons because they represent something to me, and it's much more special than a bunch of beads perfectly arranged on a bracelet. My sister also got me a Jack Johnson CD that I love. It's things like that that make me really happy.
But what else was great was the amount of Facebook messages I got about my birthday. I woke up and there were 12 messages. And throughout the day I kept getting more - 39 in all! It's a small gesture to wish someone a happy birthday and write a little message, but it really goes a long way and I really appreciate it. It made my day in fact (in addition to the cake my mom made and the chicken with broccoli and soy sauce!). I also got a manicure and pedicure, and my hair done too - it was a wonderful birthday.
But even the smallest things, the things that show people really care, make a big difference. People I met in Costa Rica posted on my wall and wrote a message, even though I only met them and saw them for 10 days. It's nice that they care, even though Facebook reminds them about it. It's the thought that counts.

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