29 August 2011

money buys some people happiness

Since we're seniors in high school, we need to start considering the future, says our guidance counseling office. So they called in a motivational speaker. I don't know what motivational speeches do to high schoolers who really just want to get their work done, but it's their call.
So this overly-peppy, ex-NFL player came in to talk to us about getting a job, making money, and for some reason, cyberbullying and stereotypes. It was like the how-to-do-everything-right-miscellaneous-speech. It was a tad bit unfocused and strange, but oh well.
We talked - well, he talked - about how getting your "dream job" will be great, but it should be one that makes you some good money. What's all this money talk about? It's almost like a high-paying job will guarantee happiness. And I guess that would be nice to have some extra cash. But it doesn't make you happier. You could be a billionaire suffering from depression, or you could have terrible misfortunes and live a miserable life - but still be rich and successful in your job. Or you could be an underpaid schoolteacher who loves going to work everyday. Which sounds better?
Not to say that money can't buy happiness, because evidently it can for some people. I just wish that people could see that. And he also said we should "prepare ourselves" for things like math, science, and information technology because "that's where the money is." No. The money is in the bank. And the money can be yours with hard work, desire, and of course, passion. I, for instance, cannot be an engineer. But I would be perfectly happy doing something like art, photography, design, or social sciences. And that might not be "where the money is", but it's where my heart is. And wherever my heart is, is happiness.

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