15 August 2011

we all need somebody to lean on

Well. The usual. Sty up until 3 in the morning finishing things I didn't get done during the summer. But here I am, and if I got more sleep, I would post yesterday's, but I am too tired to type so I'll make it quick.
I'm not a fan of change, including seasonal changes, so when my favorite season - summer - comes to a close, I get real sad and I long for the days of pools and beaches. Plus I have a ton of homework, and it's only day one, and my dad left on business for a week. And he's the only one who could help me with economics if I had a question. In addition, our air-conditioning broke again and we have to pay to fix it and get a new one. And trust me, it's not too cheap.
So I had this breakdown at the counter. Perfect on the first day of school. We haven't even done anything real yet. But I did, probably because three hours of sleep is inadequate, but it was hopeless. No work could get done like this. And at that moment I got a text from one of my friends. And we talked for a while about everything - life, homework, well, that's pretty much what life is right now - and it made me feel so much better. Sometimes just talking - or texting - other people is just what you need to feel better. And I got even more texts from other friends later on, joking around and things of the sort.
All you really need are some great people in your life to make the troublesome things in your life seem not so bad.

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