02 August 2011

every step counts

It's been really hot here. Not like it normally isn't, but it's in the 100s, so we've been inside most days. So today for dinner, since we still don't really have much food in our house, we went to this pizza place, where you make your own pizza - they give you options for dough, sauce, cheese, and toppings, then they bake it for 4 minutes. And they make it right before your eyes. It's pretty fun and the pizza is really ridiculously good.
They have some TVs in there, and they were doing a special on triplets. And it caught our eyes when we saw one segment was on three triplet boys who went to the same high school my dad went to in Massachusetts, which is pretty small world-ish. The boys all played football, until one of them had a serious football accident that left him paralyzed.

And by his side are his brothers - at physical therapy, in the house, and on the football field. His brothers help him with exercises and getting around places, and he in turn comes to all of their football games and sits on the players' bench. He even started walking on a walker because of all the hard work he and his brothers did to help him.
He could have been left to sit in a wheelchair and be like that for the rest of his life. But he did something to change that. And so did his brothers. They stood by him no matter what, even if they had things to do, so that they could push him to keep going and get better.
And who knows - maybe he'll be able to walk again someday.
I see people quote things all the time about not liking things and changing them. This is the ultimate story of someone - and his brothers - who is changing the athlete's worst nightmare into something worthwhile.
It also makes you think about walking. We do it everyday. Up and down the stairs, across the street, in the park, on the beach, in stores and everywhere in between. But we don't really think about it. What if you all of a sudden couldn't walk. Someone would have to push you in a wheelchair. You would be excluded from things because they would not accommodate you, and you would lose you freedom. So cherish every step. Because every step counts.

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