04 August 2011

frank sinatra brightens everyone's day

I just realized that there are only 11 days until school starts and I still have 4 books to read and 2 sculptures to make. Pretty cool 11 days coming up.
So in between reading, I was turning on my computer to blog. This was last night. And I watched a video on my home page about a construction worker who sings Frank Sinatra. It was completely enticing and I absolutely had to watch it.
So I opened it up and started reading it, and I watched the video and heard the most amazing rendition of Sinatra's songs I've ever heard. You would have thought that Ol' Blue Eyes himself was singing the song. Turns out this construction worker from New York sings to entertain himself and his coworkers outside on lunch breaks.
It didn't cause a stir until people started to stop and watch him, and eventually he ended up on YouTube, courtesy of a passer-by with a camera. He's quite good for not being a singer, and even if he was a singer, he'd still be quite good.
Soon, flocks of New Yorkers would come during their lunch breaks to hear the amazing construction worker perform. He became a hit, and everyone enjoyed it.
Despite all of the things that are going wrong in the world, something as simple as a man singing songs we all know can unite us in a magical and profound way, like nothing else. Apple, Inc. may have more money than the United States, and the stock market may be falling even lower than before. We may be entering into further foreign conflict, and our environmental situation has been better. But this man has a song to sing, and America is ready to listen.

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