23 August 2011


Sometimes it's ok to do nothing.
To think about nothing.
To focus on doing nothing.
To literally have no thoughts running through you're brain.
Yesterday I posted about communication, and words, and speaking to other people. And today could not be more of a foil to that.
Tonight I went swimming, even though I had work to do, but I always like to go because it makes me fee so much better when I'm done. I always try to force myself to plan out what I'm going to do afterwards, or the next day, but I can't find myself being able to do that.
I start swimming, and my mind becomes clear. Almost like the way salt water clears your eyes.
It's amazing how swimming can completely block out my mind of all thoughts cluttering it. It's like all I am focusing on is swimming, but I really am not thinking too hard about it.
I guess it's like meditation.
I have tried meditating before, but it didn't work for me. I can't sit still like that. And I never thought swimming could be like meditation. But I guess it can be.
But once you feel that surreal, empty but fulfilled feeling, it's amazing. So go find your zen garden.

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