13 August 2011

quality vs. quanitity

Some teachers in school want you to write an essay that is at least 5 pages long. Other teachers say quality is more important than quantity.
I think the latter applies to life quite well. Take the summer, for instance; it starts at the end of May, and ends in the middle of August (at least for us it does; in Massachusetts it ended at the end of June and started at the beginning of September). And I think that the most memorable days are at the end. And it's because we realize there are only a few days left in summer and we try to cram in as many things as we can into those days before school starts. We also test how many things we really can do in 24 hours with summer reading. I actually finished The Road, the first book I started, and I finished it in tears. Absolutely amazing, yet heart-wrenching, horrific, and devastating. I am writing a review on Barnes and Noble. 5 stars, absolutely. The only book that ever made me cry.
Back to the real topic: the day after tomorrow is the day that school starts. And that's also when my summer assignments are due. Two more books to go, and only one day. I really don't know how it's going to get done, but it will. So today we all went to the pool, our whole family, and it was great. We all just relaxed and had an amazing time in the sun and the nice pool and after we went to one of the fanciest restaurants around (they have homemade pasta) and we had a lovely wonderful meal there. It was such a special day even though I have to finish my work. We had a great time just relaxing and enjoying the last days of summer. Because when school starts it's a marathon. Everyday for 10 months.
And ironically, my friend posted on Facebook: time becomes more valuable when you have less of it. This was an allusion to the ridiculous amounts of homework we have to do, in fact he wrote "procrastination" after it. But this applies to much more, as one of my other friends wrote. If you have less of something, you will make more of it.
And sometimes we think we have all the time in the world, but we don't. Life might be long, but it's really short when you think about the time wasted or not spent doing something worthwhile. It's not about how much time you have; it's about how you spend the time you have - even if it's only a day.

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