20 August 2011

good people

It's nice to see that sometimes people do great things just out of the kindness of their hearts, and not to get extra credit or be recognized for good deeds.
Today when I was coming back from swim practice, we saw these people on the side of the road and they were picking up trash. First of all, it's 90 degrees today, and at 11am, the humidity is at its peak, so it feels like 100. There were four of them, two parental unit types and what seemed like their children, who were probably a little older than me. But we were just driving past, on this road that resembles a highway but not as busy, bearing witness to their good citizenship. They all had trash bags, they all wore yellow shiny vests, and they were walking this whole road looking for trash to pick up.
I always thought that the help-the-planet campaign didn't go ver far - I mean, we always support recycling, paper conservation, and more efficient energy (we just replaced all the incandescents with CFLs! Go earth!) - but a lot of people don't care. My best friend doesn't recycle, and I know a handful of people who don't care about helping the planet, as if global warming was just a conversation starter or a topic for science papers. TV and media certainly do a lot to spread the word - but word only goes as far as the people who spread it. So it's really cool to see real people, not just celebrities who were paid to pretend to care about the planet, helping out the community in a simple way.

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