18 August 2011

the economics of life

A while ago I wrote about Alice's Bucket list, a blog written by a British teenager who has terminal cancer. I still follow the blog because I like to read what she writes. It reminds me of my own writing.
After I read the post she did today, I reread the top of the blog. On mine it's below the title, and it says "a yearlong quest to find and blah blah blah". Except the last part, but you get it. And on hers, the last sentence says: you only have one life - live it!
I don't know what delusion we're under when we think that we have an infinite amount of time. We don't. And in AP macro (economics) we've been talking about the PPC, which is the production possibilities curve. You can either be on the curve, above it, or below it. On the curve is good because you're doing everything you should be doing: you might have more capital goods (doing things that will benefit yourself in the future), consumer goods (benefiting yourself right now), or you might have a balance of both. They're all good; it's debatable which one is the best.
Another option is being above the curve. It's a relatively ambitious and unachievable goal. The only way you can do it is if you have unlimited resources (money, goods, but mostly time) and you make the most of every resource. And like every machine (I guess we can be referred to as machines), there is no such thing as 100% efficiency because of friction (in this case, friction is the lack of time and other resources).
Alright. And lastly, you can be below the curve. This is not the best place to be. It basically means you're not using your resources or your work very well and you're not too efficient. This is where most people live their lives. Below the PPC. We don't have a lot of time, so already we're behind. So the only way we can reach our full potentials - on the curve (and for a short amount of time, maybe, above the curve) - is to use all of our time in the best way possible and live the best lives we can.
We don't want to be the underachiever below-the-curvers. We want to be the overachiever curve-dwellers. How do we do this? Spend your time doing things as if you'd never do them again. Make memories. Jump off that cliff. Eat that ice cream cone. Say I love you. Don't waste your time second guessing everything because you're using up your precious resource - time.

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