26 August 2011

the economics of life, part 2

Do you ever write something from end to beginning? Well that's what I did right now.
And first, I want to pray for the East Coast (not us, because we are too far inland) and that all of my family members will be safe when old Irene comes to unleash her wrath.
So today was the day when we had final critiques for our summer assignments in art. And in fact, I was the only one who had finished everything.
Except for a few minor problems, I was complete. And for the first time, I wasn't rushing to finish a worksheet or a packet in the bathroom or scribbling lines in a book to finish annotations before the bell rang. Today I was as productive as an economy outside the Production Possibilities Curve.
And while sometimes it's a little annoying, irritating, and sometimes just really not fun to do things we have to do, it makes you feel great when it actually gets all done and stuff. What if you didn't have to do anything - no obligations, no requirements, no job, nothing to live for. You'd have no reason to live if you had nothing to do. Which is why it makes people feel good when they get stuff done; happiness is having a purpose.

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