19 August 2011

nerd party

With school beginning and such, life becomes a little monotonous. The first day is fun because it's syllabus day, in which every teacher passes out the same copied-and-pasted outline of class rules and regulations, which gets pretty redundant by last period.
But by day three or four, they start cracking down on you to turn stuff in, take quizzes and tests, write essays, among other glorious activities. And sometimes it's hard to find joy in doing the inventory of life.
But sometimes it's easy to find happiness right under your nose.
Like today in art. We were all rushing to get our work done so we can start on other portfolio things, and someone brought an iPod speaker so we could listen to music while we worked. And we all listened to a Beatles playlist while we sculpted, helping each other out with our individual inputs. And at the end of class, one of my friends from the class declared that this will be a really great class. And he's right.
And after school I decided not to be a slacker and start on the biochemistry chapter and study guide. Now what kind of teenager doesn't want to go out with their friends on Friday night, but instead study proteins, lipids, and molecular structure of amino acids? This teenager does. It's especially fun when you have your favorite CD ever playing over and over again. Then it's a real party.
And today in AP lit, we had the best discussion ever for a book we read over the summer. It was all about Biblical allusions. And we found all these different ways that the characters' names were allusions and how everything was planned so perfectly. It was absolutely wonderfully invigorating. Like a milkshake. And the worst part is when it's cut off by the monotone sound of the bell.
Not many people would say school is fun. But sometimes it is. And sometimes a night in studying with the best music can be so much better than a party or a fancy dinner. Sometimes simply living everyday life is the best of all.

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