09 August 2011


My 223rd post. Can you believe we've come this far?
Well, even though I have too much work to do, my sister decided to watch a movie tonight, and so I decided to watch. Especially when I found out what it was - the Lizzie McGuire Movie! And in case you are unaware, Lizzie McGuire was this show from the early 2000s and it's just a great throwback. It was a great show about the ups and downs of 3 teens as they shuffle through middle school with hopes of staying au courant with the newest fashions, trying to boost their popular status, and trying not to be humiliated by the youthful antics of their peers. As well as surviving first crushes, unrequited love, and of course the impending doom of adolescence that leaves all of them, well, changed. And half of the show is told through Lizzie cartoon alter ego that seems to only wear a pink cropped shirt and jeans capris.
So in this whirlwind cinema masterpiece, new middle school grad Lizzie leaves on a school trip for Rome with her militaristic new principal, her still immature classmates and best-friend-turned-rival, and her platonic guy best friend, who happens to be madly in love with her. Their first night in scenic Rome, Gordo (the guy best friend) brings Lizzie to the top of their hotel, and they vow to have adventures while in Rome. And so Lizzie goes, gallivanting along with a Roman pop star (don't we all when we go to Rome), falling into a horrible trap that Gordo saves (of course) by sacrificing his trip for Lizzie. How utterly romantic.
And at the end, when Lizzie rocks this concert and they're best friends again, Lizzie and Gordo share a .4 second kiss (a legit one!) at their romantic hotel-top getaway, under the fireworks. Ah, the joys of adolescent romance.
It might not be Academy Awards worthy, but it's one of my favorite movies because of all the memories and sentiments wrapped up into it all. The memories of the show, of being a young kid, and of having fun with friends. It's such a good movie that in fact I will add it to my favorites on Facebook.
It's not how great a movie is, or how wonderful the acting is - a movie can mean so much more, and it's how happy it makes someone - not how technically wonderful it is.

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